Research institution based in Vienna
founded by Adam Hudec, Tomas Tichomirov and Duha Samir in 2020

Dusts Institute is an interdisciplinary research platform and community agency based in Vienna, Austria. Our research based practice operates inbetween architecture, art, science and activism, where interdisciplinarity has become a tool to explore hidden or ignored anomalies of the (urban) environments. We propose to focus our conversation on the places we inhabit and on our relationship with other life forms. Our aim is to develop a dialogue about ecological challenges and turn them into opportunities that actively transform our life and life of the community. Since 2019, our activities have been represented in pop-up intervention on public spaces, workshops, performances and educational gatherings while using self-developed collective tools and equipment, exhibited in various biennials and exhibitions worldwide.


Tomáš Tichomirov
is an initiator and head of the insitute, an administrator,  bibliophile, cyclist, educator , efficiency auditor, historian, political scientist, proofreader, quality controller, pianist, poet, odd-job man and lover of lists.

is an architect and artist with Iraqi roots, born and raised in Germany. She is about to complete her studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with a Master Degree in Art and Architecture in 2020. Duha deals with social injustice and environmental issues, which she expresses in various forms. In her art and activism, she and her collective stand up for human, women’s and animal rights.

Adam Hudec

is a researcher/artist/architect, focusing his multidisciplinary research on physical territory, often deconstructed by set of data to reveal the unexpected and hidden anomalies. He uses a variety of expressions to represent the research outcomes including drawing, photography, animation, installation and performance.  Adam´s mission is to articulate questions related to environmental, social, political and ethical issues, while shifting the role and the boundaries of the discipline. Adam's projects were shown on various international exhibition venues including Bi-City Biennale in Shenzhen and Design Biennale BIO 26 in Ljubjana.

born in Istanbul, Turkey, lives in Berlin, Germany. He is practicing in various ways intersection between art, architecture and research. He trained as an architect and graduated from Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt am Main. His research and interest areas include landforms, technology, critical spatial and commoning practices, urban and data surveillance methodologies in the post-antrophocene era. He is co-founder of Herkes Icin Mimarlik (Architecture for All), which is is a non-profit organization based in Istanbul that provides democratic and collaborative design processes between architects, urban designers, and citizens. He is the coordinator and editor of the “#occupygezi architecture” project , which exhibited at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, Salt Istanbul, V&A Museum London, MAXXI Rome and ngbk Berlin. This projects became part of permanent collection of The Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Architecture and Design.

Ayşegül Seyhan

is an architect with a strong set of technical skills and a far-reaching background in architecture, design, fabrication and algorithm. She is born in Istanbul and based in Berlin. Her practise is in dialog with art, architecture, science, technology and research. Ayşegül holds the Bachelor of Architecture degree from METU, Ankara, Turkey. Currently, she is working at Studio Tomas Saraceno as an architect, where she is part of exhibition designs and development of artworks.

is most likely the first company to have ever introduced a nanofiber window membrane to the general public. That was in 2013. Since then, they have established themselves as a leading progressive force on the market with nanofiber membranes applied in home protection,personal protection and fashion industries.
The partnership between RESPILON and Dusts Institute emerged spontaneously and has grown organically—just like layers of dust that Adam lets form on his installations. These installations, which are assembled from RESPILON nanofilters, capture the tiniest building
blocks of what he transmutes into real works of art. Dusts at Dusts Institute, we confront everything that the wind blows our way, so that we
can help others to keep in touch with fresh air.

Filip Moravčík